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In 1993, to commemorate the Centenary of Alexandre Guilmant's first visit to America (1893 Chicago World's Fair-Columbian Exposition), I produced a wall calendar on which every day marked some event related to that great French organist-composer. Because the event it celebrated occured in the middle of the summer, the Wizard of the Organ Calendar actually extends over 18 months from July 1993 through December 1994. The handsome layout was designed by Len Levasseur and published by The New England Organist press. Containing many photographs of Guilmant and relevant 19th-century topics, these calendars originally sold for $15.00 a copy.

Now, in the year 2005 - for the first time since the publication of this calendar - we will be using the same pattern of days and dates as did the year 1994. A few dozen of these beauties still remain in storage. Since they are not doing anyone any good sitting on the shelf, I am making them available to anyone who wants them for the low, low fee of only $8.00 cash each, postpaid within the continental United States (via media mail) or $20.00 cash to be sent abroad. (The International air postal rates are a killer.)

You may hang the Wizard of the Organ Calendar on your wall right now and follow along from the first of January 2005 as if it were only 1994. If you would like to own one, you may order a calendar by sending payment along with your return address to me at:

Agnes Armstrong
P. O. Box 19
Altamont, NY 12009